PTS Tech Solutions Sdn. Bhd. ( provides warranty to its products (under brand names of DURA-TUBE® & DURA-FIT®) to be free of defects in workmanship and under normal use, service and when used for the purpose under the conditions for which they are intended.

This warranty shall not apply to any DURA-TUBE® & DURA-FIT® products that have been altered, repaired and/or used in any way, stored outside, or have been subjected to misuse, negligence, accident and/or have not been installed in accordance with installation instructions.

Installation of DURA-FIT® easy-PRESS™ series Thermoplastic Press Fittings & solid-PRESS™ series Brass Press Fittings requiring the use of relevant tools which include the reamer to ream the pipe in order to ensure the smooth insertion to the end of the fittings and pressing tool with appropriate sizes and U-profile type where “pressed lines” will be used to judge the proper and final installation inspection.

Installation of DURA-FIT® smart-FUSE™ series PE Socket Fusion Fittings requiring the use of PTSTECHS tailor-made welding bushes (20mm – 110mm). There are two enhancement features (under patent pending) which are smart-INSERT™ (SR-2) that has to be used for 20mm – 32mm pipe installation and smart-RING™ (SR-1) that has to be used for 40mm – 110mm pipe installation.

Installation of DURA-FIT® wired-FUSE™ series PE Electro Fusion Fittings requiring 39.5V to fuse and must be carried out using PTSTECHS supplied or equivalent approved brand of electrofusion welder. The welder is rated at 3.5kW output power and 75V output voltage with temperature compensating feature operating at 230/240 VAC requiring power supplied through portable power generator rated at 6.5kW (minimum). If pipe is more than 1.5% out of roundness the use of Re-round Clamp is required to ensure proper installation. The fused area on pipe must be peeled and cleaned prior to inserting into the fitting.

All installation instruction must be adhered to, or our Product Warranty is null and void. Installation of fittings must be carried out by properly trained and qualified operator(s) and/or by witness of the factory representative.

The obligation of PTSTECHS under this warranty shall be limited to replacement of any parts that may prove defective under normal use. PTSTECHS shall have the right to inspect the said products and purchaser shall, if requested, return defective product prepaid to PTSTECHS. Purchaser shall assume all responsibility and expenses for removal, reinstallation and freight charges in connection with the foregoing remedy.

PTSTECHS shall not be liable for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damage or penalties and does not assume any liability of purchaser to other, or to anyone for injury to persons and/or property. Any claim regarding shortage or damages from shipment of products must be submitted in writing to PTSTECHS within 10 days after receipts of shipment. Buyer shall not loss or damage on delivery order and provide a delivery receipt stating such with driver’s signature.

Purchasers are responsible for passing on this Limited Warranty to their customers.

In addition, PTSTECHS is in its best effort to offer the Product Liability Assurance up to the RM1,000,000.00 annually for 10 years at the time of purchase that cover the losses to the 3rd parties in any forms of injury and property damages. However, the amount of insured sums and scopes of coverage is upon revision base on the on-going changes of market needs and situation without prior notice.