Product Standard : BS EN 12201-3 : 2011

The PE Socket Fusion Fitting is the most cost-effective fusion system that produces homogeneous material joints of pipes & fittings by heat welding method. Fusion joints are most reliable joints that provide better assurance and leak-free performance. They are applicable for materials like PE, PPR, PERT and PB.

The socket fusion joining method has become common and widely used especially for larger pipe diameters. We capitalize on this trend and introduce the most cost effective PE materials. We “refine” the jointing method including the invention of "smart-RINGTM" to perfect the overall system performance.


smart-RINGTM (SR-1)
The proprietary invention of smart-RINGTM (SR-1) enables the socket fusion jointing process to be more consistent, easier and faster with following superior features :

  • As a guide to verify pipes OD specifications
  • Width of ring indicates insertion depth
  • Threading created on pipes help to peel off oxidized surface layer
  • Improve roundness of pipes for socket fusion process
  • Guide to assure 90˚ alignment of pipes & fittings perpendicularity
  • Cover excessive beads after welding and allow inspection of beads
  • 4-alignment lines to prevent twisting of pipes during installation
  • Helpful processing information on rings to assist correct installation
  • Reinforce the bending strength at joints
  • Assure neat & tidy installation
OD, mm Insertion Depth, mm Heat Time, s Hold Time,s
20 11 8 6
25 13 9 10
32 15 11 10
40 17 16 20
50 20 24 20
63 24 33 30
75 26 43 30
90 28 55 40
110 33 70 50

Heating temperature 260°c

smart-INSERTTM (SR-2) provides full internal support of pipes ID so as to eliminate the issues of wavy or crumpling pipe edges due to the over-heating or excessive push-in force during installation. Thus, thinner and better flow rate pipe can be used. It is recommended for pipes with smaller ranges (20mm – 32mm).


Installation Procedures

01 02 03 04

CUT the pipe squarely with proper cutter

REAM the pipe with reamer to achieve smooth & round edge

INSERT the pipe into the fitting (inspect full insertion thru windows)

PRESS the stainless steel sleeve with the pressing tool (pressed lines are formed)


Product List

Equal Socket Reducing Socket Male Socket Female Socket

Equal Elbow 45˚ Elbow Male Elbow Female Elbow

Flange Adapter (Stub End)

Male Tee Female Tee End Cap Stop Valve

Roller Cutter Socket Welder (Set) Heating Bushes Bench Welder (Set)