Product Standard : ISO 17885 : 2016

The design and working principal of our solid-PRESSTM (Brass Press Fitting) have more than 40 years of proven track record as a practical and reliable jointing mechanism in internal hot & cold potable water plumbing applications. easy-PRESSTM Thermoplastic Press Fitting), with its body made of durable plastic material instead of brass, is an economical alternative aiming at cold potable water plumbing application ONLY with same jointing mechanism but offered at a fraction of the cost of solid-PRESSTM.

The Thermoplastic Press Fitting has been designed to provide what today’s plumbers are looking for a slimmer, reliable & affordable solution! The choice of base-body material is based on high performance polypropylene thermoplastic that comprises requirements of high impact & pressure strength, flexural strength, crack resistance, chemical resistance and durability. The stainless steel sleeves hold the joints firmly and permanently. The mechanical “press” mechanism has been a long-proven technology. This installation method is fast and easy by using guided professional tools.


Key features :

  • Sleek & slim design
  • Double seals – Double protection
  • Conforming to latest Standard ISO-17885 (with MRS test certificate)
  • Solid stainless steel sleeves structure
  • Professional tools – error-proof installation
  • Consistent installation mechanism
  • Inspection windows to assure full insertion
  • Distinguishable pressed marks

The products are tested and conformed to the stringent standard requirements and performance specifications.



Performance Specifications

Items Units Characteristic Parameters
Pressure test Bar 20oC (1h) : No break & leakage
95oC (1,000h) : No break & leakage
Leak tightness under internal pressure MPa 20oC (1h) : Leak tight 2.4
Long term pressure MPa 20oC (1,000h) : Leak tight 1.92
Resistance to pull out N 23oC (1h) : No pull out 1,200
Leak tightness subjected to bending MPa 20oC (1h) : Leak tight 2.4


Installation Procedures

01 02 03 04

CUT the pipe squarely with proper cutter

REAM the pipe with reamer to achieve smooth & round edge

INSERT the pipe into the fitting (inspect full insertion thru windows)

PRESS the stainless steel sleeve with the pressing tool (pressed lines are formed)


Product List

Equal Socket Reducing Socket Male Socket Equal Elbow

Reducing Elbow Male Elbow Female Elbow Equal Tee

Reducing Tee Female Tee Female Socket Tank Connector

Pressing Tool (Individual) Pipe Reamer Pipe Cutter